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Adam Burton and myself took to the western moorland with a different location in mind nearby to where this photograph was taken. While making the steep assent to our chosen spot we couldn’t help feel that the neighbouring tor had a lot more to offer. With the skies a dull grey, the chances of the camera coming out the bag were very slim, so we walked over to read the uncharted grounds of Arm’s Tor. A quick scout around reviled some great potential for photography although the cold cutting wind soon got the best of us. After Harbouring behind the granite stacks with a quick Cadburys creme eggs break we scanned the sky and returned to our spots before the sun disappears below the horizon.

Out of nowhere this rich light exploded onto the landscape setting it on fire. All of our “great potential by this stack” comments went out the window as we both ran around like headless chickens franticly trying to compose. Hypnotized is the perfect word for one of my many actions as for a few moments I just watched in complete awe knowing I’m wasting precious time. What a totally different feeling, and then soon enough the chicken came back into me. Somewhere within my uncontrollable self I managed to compose this panoramic. This is easily one of the most atmospheric evenings I’ve had on Dartmoor. I will never get tired of moments like that. Just being there was a privilege. Hopefully next time I will be a little more prepared and not get possess by the light.

Copyright Notice © 2012 Russell Pike


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