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Just two hour’s drive south of Perth lays Busselton, a charming seaside town complete with a helter skelter. After making our way down from Perth we quickly realized that the next town would generally be a carbon copy of the last. What a relief when we rolled into the foreshore to see the pleasure grounds and the jetty, making an instance impression on us.

Stretching almost 2 km out to sea, the 145-year-old timber-piled jetty is the longest in the southern hemisphere. Trying to fit that all into a photograph would be hard work, but life was made easier with the boatshed style huts just out from the beach adding a key interest. Having a overcast day I was losing hope in making a photo this evening, so me and Kara made the enjoyable jogger route walk to the end of jetty allowing enough time to be back in position for magic hour. All set and the whole scene had a fresh blue cast, but there was a large enough opening to let the sun blast through moments before setting providing a lovely contrast to the photograph.

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