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Hartland Quay was originally built in the late 16th century but was swept away in 1887. The high tower of the Church of Saint Nectan at Stoke remains a significant landmark for ships in the Bristol Channel.

Myself and Adam Burton put an evening aside to capture the wild thrift that clings to the coastline cliff edge during spring. Our chosen evening was decided a few days before and therefore was naturally made loose around the ever reliable weather plans. While on the drive up things where looking a little too hazy and balmy for the kind of preferred conditions us both carve for. But as we drove down the steep road to the car park it was clear that something special could happen over the next hour. With a smallish gap the length of the horizon there looked to be a very good chance of last light this evening. The skies sat still all around us looking heavy which created a very dusky light even though the sun was still up in the sky behind it all.

We casually set up our gear with plenty of time for scoping out other possible compositions if the light was not too fleeting. As we stood there chatting, Adam suddenly darted back to his gear as the sun slowly started to fall into the gap, releasing honey golden light over the entire scene changing it from a dark & dusky mood into full splendour of colour & contrast. This was to be an evening that yielded some of the best light Adam Burton and myself have seen for a long time if not ever. Moments like this are few and far between and to say we were like kids in a sweet shop would be an understatement.

Copyright Notice © 2012 Russell Pike


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