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A return visit to this viewpoint was needed as the previous dawn didn’t yield any memorable light. Boy, we were glad we made the rise to be in position for first light on this morning. It started out looking like a fresh sky with a bank of cloud to the east. In our minds the sun would appear over the cloud bank and illuminate the spectacular landscape that lay before us. But our want plans soon became scuppered as a gang of menacing black clouds started to roll over the scene and threatened to keep the sun at bay, anxious minutes were spent spurring the sun to break on through and myself asking Ra to work with me. I’m guessing the Egyptian sun god received my message as the light burst over the landscape with a fashion beyond words. This had to be some of the best luminosity I’ve ever witnessed.

Now the pressure was on, exposing the sensor to the golden syrup light, making sure the camera is seeing clearly. I take a brief glance over the camera body to ensure this is reality, yes this is definitely happening. They are on the card and we start yelling with excitement. With the light still glowing, tiny snowflakes fall, all we could do was cover our camera gear and watch in wonder as one of the most beautiful scenes ive come across unfolded in front of us. If only the camera could record falling snowflakes just like our eyes do, and of course somehow not lay to rest on our lenses. If only......

Copyright Notice © 2012 Russell Pike


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