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After an impressive morning at The Quiraing we floated our way back down to the car for a dash board picnic while going over plans for the remainder of the day. The Fairy Pools were on the cards for dusk but with an added stop on route at Sligachan which provides good views for the Black Cuillin Mountains. Arriving in the rain we sat for a short while contemplating if there is any chance of a photograph to be made here. A clearing came about so we made our way over to the flow of water and both set out about finding a composition.

I came across these rocks further down steam and just had enough time to compose and expose a frame before the hail started to fall heavily, forcing a brisk jog back to the car for shelter. We made our way back over with myself strongly having the notion of unfinished business. It turned out the second batch of photographs don’t hold the same silvery monochromatic light as the first couple frames I managed to expose.

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